Terms and Conditions


Head Office
273, rue de la poste
74120 MEGEVE
Tel: + (0)4 50 58 78 88

If you book and pay the activities with the professionals of ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT, that means you are agreeing our terms and conditions.

All our instructors of ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT hold a license to practice ski instruction and its associated disciplines valid.

Our rates are visible in our office, on our website, on our booking form, as well as on the different communication documents.
Our rates include teaching provided by ski or snow instructors but excluded any other services like client’s personnal insurance, ski pass, equipment, or transport.
For children group lessons, a medal is given to each at the end of the session.

3.Booking and payment
Requests and reservations for activities offers by professionals of ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT are made by phone, by our website, by email, by post or by visit in our offices.

Further to your request, we send you a booking form according to our availabilities. Your booking will be definitive upon receipt of the total amount paid. Indeed, our booking proposal is just an option.
The unconfirmed proposals by payment will be cancelled and will not correspond to a booking.
A booking proposal cannot be maintained beyond a certain time. After sending a booking proposal and without confirmation payment, we are able to cancel the option without notice.

You can make payment by different means, see below:
– By security payment online with Payline.
– Remote payment by phone (long number, expiry date and security code)
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard.
– By check
– By bank transfer to ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT (only from European Union)

4.Group class / Choice of provision
The group class will be scheduled with a minimum of:
– 4 children for children group class
– 5 children for teenager session.
Homogeneity of student level is necessary; in order to commit them that everything goes as smoothly as planned.
As instructors of ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT cannot check the level of each student in advance, the customer is responsible for the choice of technical level, according to the grid established by ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT.
ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT reserves the right to incorporate in a group more suited to his level, the child whose level does not correspond to his declaration, and, subject to the capabilities of the other groups.
We can augment our group of 1 or 2 participants when children are not enrolled in the course appropriate to their level.
.Private lesson/Full day
Beyond 4 hours = Full Day booking

5. Official meeting point
Our meeting point is located at our big blue signs at the “Plateau du Mont d’Arbois”, close to the departure of the lift «PT Vorasset “.
To join us, you benefit direct access from the parking of the “Plateau du Mont d’ Arbois”. We are situated has 50m of distance from the skibuss station coming from the center of “Megeve” or the “Cote 2000” and has 30m of distance from the arrival of cable “Rocharbois” coming from “the Caboche”.

Please, contact us for another meeting point, with your private instructor. Note that for any change, the return trip of the instructor from the Mont d’Arbois, will be took on the lessons time, to avoid penalizing lessons taking place before or after it.

Our instructors wear blue uniforms.

6.Cancellation or modification

Leisure services of ESI Megève Neige et Vent are not subject to the right of withdrawal and are subject to the cancellation terms described below :

Deadlines for cancelation:
-4 full days before the start of the daily booking
-4 full days before the first day of the early group lessons session
-3 full days before the start of the private lesson
Exceed these deadlines; no cancelation will be taken in account, even in case of illness, accident or bad weather.
The same applies for the child who cannot join on time the class, whatever the reasons: no refund or postponement will be accepted.
Regarding to cancellation requests before “Deadlines “, 3% of the amount paid will stay to the ESI.
Only requests of written cancellation will be accepted (by email or by post). Save this case, the lessons won’t be refunded.

A modification request of the reservation is considered as a cancellation and a new request.
The new request will take its place in the chronological order of arrival at the date of modification.
ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT is not responsible for cancellations for independent reasons of its will.
ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT is not responsible if the reserved monitor is not available at last moment. Even if you have specifically requested him and had been you personally affected in advance when you made your booking.
ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT promise to replace the monitor to assure the booking, the lessons won’t be refunded.
If we cannot replace the monitor, lessons will be refunded.
ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT reserves the rights to change the planning with or without notice, depending on weather and safety conditions. Here, no refund can be proposed.

ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT will refund you for cancelation lessons due to a lack of snow leading the resort to close completely. Moreover, we will also propose you to postpone this lesson during the current season as far as possible.
This condition does not apply to the partial closure of the resort, because lessons can take place.

Your credit is only valid in the current season and is automatically canceled at the end of the season. Using your credit can be done only in our low season or a quiet period.

8. Insurance
Our rates do not include client’s personal insurance.
ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT’s instructors are covered by public liability insurance.
ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT cannot be able to be responsible if you don’t have personal insurance.
Each customer must ensure that they have an insurance which covers risks related to the practice of the activity booked.

9.Ski pass
Our rates do not include your ski pass.

ESI MEGEVE NEIGE ET VENT might not be responsible for accident intervened on courses practiced with legal authorization If the instructor’s responsibility is not engaged.

11.image rights
“Gives the ESI permission to publish, exhibit or disseminate or photographs and videos taken by the ESI and representing me.
This authorization is valid for all purposes (publications, website …)
This authorization is valid indefinitely ”

Litigation must conform to French jurisdiction and to French law. The French version of this document is the only legal reference